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Prior to your initial visit I will review new patient forms, including in-depth medical, diet, and lifestyle questionnaires. It is best to fill these out before your visit because they will take some thought and research on your part. Please complete them at least 2 days prior to your visit so that I have time to review. You will be able to complete these in the patient portal after you have registered as a new patient.

I will spend 60-90 minutes with you reviewing your current health concerns and discussing your personal and family history in detail. This includes a review of any previous lab work, if applicable. It is also important to know all medications and supplements that you are taking, so please have these handy during your visit.

If available, I’ll also review your Nutrition Genome report in order to make a more customized plan for supplements, testing and nutrition recommendations. This report looks at nutrigenomics, which is the study of how foods affect our genes, and how genetic differences affect the way we respond to food. You can order this test yourself here. Be sure to complete this test at least 5-6 weeks prior to your initial visit, and upload the report to your portal under the ‘Labs & Documents’ tab. You can familiarize yourself with this and other recommended resources on our Trusted Products page.

Based on your unique health concerns, we’ll discuss options for relevant lab testing. I order a comprehensive diagnostic panel through conventional labs like Quest or LabCorp. I also recommend specialized functional laboratory testing through GI Map, Doctor’s Data, Great Plains, Genova, DUTCH, CYREX and others. This includes but is not limited to comprehensive stool testing, urine organic acids, nutrient levels, food sensitivity, complete hormones, cortisol (adrenal), heavy metals, genetics, mycotoxins and environmental chemicals.

Orders for conventional labs (i.e. Quest, LabCorp) can be printed from your portal, and can be drawn at your local lab. These labs can bill insurance directly, but this should be done at your discretion and I encourage you to call the customer care number on your insurance card to make sure you are using an in-network lab. We have negotiated cash pay rates through Quest for patients who are not billing through insurance, or for Medicare patients.

Advanced functional medicine lab kits will shipped directly to your house. These can usually be collected at home, and include a prepaid envelope for return shipping from your doorstep. Functional medicine labs are largely cash-pay, but I offer the ability to bill through insurance when possible. Costs are transparent and we will discuss pricing of these labs during your visit, as they will require an investment on your part. Most patients invest an average of $500-$1500 in advanced lab testing at their initial visit.

Expect a 30 minute follow up scheduled 2 weeks after your initial consultation to review your conventional biomarkers and make specific supplement and dietary recommendations. Supplements can be purchased at 10% off through my online dispensary and delivered to your door with free shipping over $49. If prescription medication is recommended, I will send these directly to your local pharmacy.

Another follow up is scheduled 6 weeks from the initial visit to review functional medicine labs, evaluate progress and make adjustments to your plan. This is based on the assumption that you can collect and submit your functional medicine lab kits within 2 weeks of your initial visit. If this is not possible, please let us know. Please allocate 60 minutes for this appointment.

How often you follow up with me after that will depend on why you are being treated. Some healthy people see me only once a year for nutrient and functional medicine testing. Many people who have more complex issues are seen more often depending on their condition. These visits usually last about 30 minutes depending on complexity and time to review lab work, but brief 10-15 minute check ins are also an option.

Expect an actionable, personalized health plan following each visit – including key points from our discussion, specific supplement recommendations, nutrition guidelines and appropriate referrals. You’ll have direct access to our registered nurse through portal messaging between visits.

Initial Consultation Fee: $750*

Follow Up Visits: $500*/ hr based on time (i.e. a 30 min visit is $250)

*The initial consultation fee includes time spent reviewing paperwork before and after your visit. There is a fee associated with all follow up visits, and you will be charged based on the time spent with the doctor. Fees do not include lab work. If you have insurance, some labs will bill your insurance directly. Others will be an out-of-pocket expense. Please read Frequently Asked Questions for more information, or feel free to contact us with questions directly at admin@drchristinemaren.com.

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