What to expect

Discovery call

We want to make sure we’re a good match and can provide the care you’re looking for before you commit to a program with us.

The best way to do this is a during a brief call with one of our providers, so that we can answer your questions and discuss our program in detail.

If it seems like a good fit, we’ll offer you the next available appointment time to get started.

Prior to your initial consultation with Dr. Maren

Prior to an initial case review, Dr. Maren will review new patient forms, including in-depth medical, diet, and lifestyle questionnaires.

We ask that you complete these at least 2 days prior to your visit in the Patient Portal (you’ll have access to this after you have enrolled as a new patient). This will give Dr. Maren time to review them thoroughly before your consult.

If you would like to share recent labs with us, please upload them to your online chart under the Labs & Documents tab of the Portal. Click on the pink button “UPLOAD NEW DOCUMENT.” We ask that you upload labs at least 2 days prior to your visit, and please upload them as a single report vs. one page at a time. If you are doing this from home, you can utilize an app like TurboScan to create a multiple page PDF and upload that directly from your computer. You may also fax them to (303) 351-1100. Please do not mail hard copies to the office.

How to connect to your telemedicine call

Once your appointment is confirmed, you’ll receive a link via email. You’ll also be able to access this link in your secure Patient Portal. Shortly before your appointment start time, please join by clicking the link (make sure your audio and video are enabled). Be sure you are in a quiet and private location where you feel comfortable.

Initial consultations are done via secure video, and follow ups can be by phone or secure video.

The initial case review

Dr. Maren will spend up to 75-90 minutes with you reviewing your current health concerns and discussing your timeline and personal and family history in detail.

This includes a review of any previous lab work, if applicable. It is also important she knows all medications and supplements that you are taking, so please have these handy during your visit.

This initial intake is designed to gather data so that Dr. Maren can create a comprehensive treatment plan at your follow up visit.

Comprehensive lab testing

Based on your unique health concerns, we’ll discuss options for relevant lab testing.

We order a comprehensive diagnostic panel through conventional labs like Quest or LabCorp. Orders for conventional labs (i.e. Quest, LabCorp) can be printed from your Portal and drawn at your local lab.

These labs can bill insurance directly, but this should be done at your discretion. We encourage you to call the customer care number on your insurance card to make sure you are using an in-network lab, understand your lab benefits/deductible, and clarify that your insurance covers labs ordered by an out-of-network physician.

We have negotiated cash pay rates through Quest for patients who are not using insurance or for Medicare patients.

Functional medicine testing

We will also recommend specialized functional laboratory testing through labs such as GI Map, Doctor’s Data, Great Plains, Genova, DUTCH, CYREX, and others.

This includes but is not limited to comprehensive stool testing, urine organic acids, nutrient levels, food sensitivity, complete hormones, cortisol (adrenal), heavy metals, genetics, mycotoxins, and environmental chemicals.

Advanced functional medicine lab kits will be shipped directly to your home. These can usually be collected at home, and most include a prepaid envelope for return shipping from your doorstep.

Functional medicine labs are largely cash-pay, but we offer the ability to bill through insurance when possible. Costs are transparent and Dr. Maren will discuss pricing of these labs during your visit, as they will require an investment on your part.

Most patients invest an average of $500-$1500 in advanced lab testing at their initial visit. Results of these tests usually take about 4 weeks, but sometimes longer, and this is factored into the length of this Initial Case Review program.

Follow ups

Your initial investment includes a complimentary nutrition consultation for more intensive nutrition counseling.

You’ll also be scheduled with a provider in our clinic to review your conventional labs and Dr. Maren’s initial supplement and medication recommendations.

Your review of findings with Dr. Maren is typically scheduled around 8 weeks after your initial case review to interpret results of available functional medicine testing and create a more comprehensive treatment plan and roadmap.

Expect an actionable, personalized health plan following each visit—including specific supplement recommendations, medications, nutrition guidelines, resources, referrals, etc.

If prescription medication is recommended, Dr. Maren will send these directly to your local pharmacy, or to a compounding pharmacy that can ship to your home.

Comprehensive Functional Medicine Program

We’ve designed a 12 month program because healing and root cause resolution takes time, care, and commitment. And we’ve found a 12 month cycle is most effective for the majority of patients to achieve the long-term results they’re looking for.

We also now offer a 3 month option, which is enough time to create a treatment plan based on all of your data and start implementing that plan.

But this is not a quick fix.

If you’ve been struggling with chronic symptoms or mystery illness for years, you’ll need time—remember that small improvements in the right direction add up over days, weeks, and months (and your health is worth the time investment).

If you opt to enroll in our Comprehensive Functional Medicine Program, you’ll have the help, coaching and oversight you need to implement changes over the next year, which includes regular follow ups with our providers, access to ongoing support through secure Portal messaging between visits, and nutrition coaching.

We work as a team committed to helping you succeed, and thus communicate and collaborate frequently about your case.

Please read Frequently Asked Questions for more information, or contact us with questions directly at admin@drchristinemaren.com. Ready to get started? Apply now to work with us.