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Additional details on what to expect can be found here and you’ll find answers to frequently asked questions here. Please contact us with additional questions or to book an appointment, and my office staff will be happy to reply.

If you are a current patient, please communicate sensitive medical information through the secure patient portal. Any urgent or emergent needs should be addressed by going to urgent care or calling 911 in the case of a true emergency.



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Phone (303) 704-4487
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Telemedicine Consultations

Functional Medicine and Nutrition Consultations are scheduled remotely via telehealth using video or phone. Dr. Maren sees patients in Colorado, Michigan and Texas. Our Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (CNTP) sees clients worldwide. We have been utilizing telehealth since our inception, and the process is very streamlined (and there’s no need for fancy software on your end). By connecting with patients remotely, we can provide more convenient and efficient care. Labs orders, lab results, supplement recommendations, actionable plans and handouts will all be readily available from your online patient portal.


Media Inquiries

For public speaking and media inquiries, please contact Click here for official bio and photography.


Success Stories

Dr. Maren is one of the most compassionate and brilliant physicians I’ve encountered. She is thorough and committed to helping her patients get their lives back and certainly “walks the walk” in her health. She understands the struggle of complex health problems, because she’s lived through them herself and healed. If you’re on the fence to see Dr. Maren, do it, it’s the best decision you can make for your health! – McCall M.

Dr. Maren is an incredible wealth of knowledge. After a long period of inexplicably feeling terrible, I visited her to see if she could help me. She spent a great deal of time asking questions I would have never thought of. Dr.Maren is a Doctor who actually gets to know you individually. There is no one size fits all when it comes to diagnosing and I love that she is so personable. The tests she recommended helped to figure out what was going on in my body. She took it a step further and recommended a specific treatment plan just for me including supplements and nutrition. Having a holistic plan was the most important piece to me and I truly valued all of her resources she provided in helping me heal. I feel so blessed to have found such an empowered and inspiring woman that rocks being a Dr! – Shaina A.

No words could ever truly convey how wonderful Dr. Maren is and the type of care she provides to patients and families. She makes it her personal commitment to help each patient individually. I am so grateful for her expertise, knowledge and experience. She is detail oriented but also looks at the big picture and connects the dots in one’s health history. She is so kind and caring and is always willing to go the extra mile to help her patients. There is no other provider I would rather partner with me, my friends or my family to optimize health and get to the root cause of chronic conditions. Her compassion accompanied by her knowledge, experience and expertise are incomparable. – Taylor H.


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