Continuity Membership Program​

Established patients have the opportunity to continue working with us through our annual Continuity Membership Program.

As an established patient of our practice, you’ll continue to have access to secure portal messaging, the ability to schedule appointments with Dr. Maren and all providers as-needed on a fee-for-service basis, and a variety of other benefits including:

Program Elements:

  • Unlimited secure messaging with our team, including advice/recommendations for new health concerns as they arise such as supporting your body during cold/flu, a new pregnancy, or questions about supplements, certain foods within your nutrition plan, or how to support your gut when taking a new medication, etc.
  • Complimentary basic lab reviews and prescription adjustments between visits when requested (beyond basic will require an appointment)
  • Complimentary simple tweaks to your nutrition plan, protocols, etc.
  • Continued access to advanced functional diagnostic lab testing not commonly offered through conventional medical practices
  • Personalized supplement plan and discounted access to pharmaceutical-grade supplements
  • Prescription Drug Management while membership is active
  • The full power of our staff behind the scenes

The 12-Month Continuity Membership Investment is currently $1,295.00 per year (about $100 per month). There is a one time $500 re-enrollment fee for patients who enroll AFTER their current Program has expired.  This does not include appointments, lab testing, supplements, or other diagnostics.

How Do I Pay? The Membership is billed in one lump sum annually.

Have more questions? Check out the FAQ section below.

Why Membership Programs​?

In our clinical experience, achieving and maintaining optimal health is easier when:

  • We have regular support and access to help;
  • We don’t feel alone;
  • We can get our questions answered sooner;
  • We reach our health goals faster;
  • And we get consistent feedback to see what’s working (or not) and why the changes being made matter.

More time with patients, the ability to communicate between visits, and consistency allows us to care for patients (like you!) in the way they deserve. And allows you to better maintain the health you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does an annual Membership include?
  • Unlimited secure messaging with our team
  • More appointment availability
  • Supplement recommendations, prescription refills, and lab orders between visits
  • Coordination of testing kits
  • Expert opinion on the latest health questions/ concerns
  • Simple nutrition questions

Membership also gives you access to schedule with any of our providers at their fee-for-service rate.

Please note: The annual Membership fee does NOT include appointment fees with a provider, which allows you to schedule based on your individual needs.

Can I cancel my Membership?

This is a prepaid annual Membership but you can cancel at any time. If you cancel, the next annual charge would be removed/cancelled. In which case you will lose access to our portal and fee-for-service scheduling with our providers/ terminate care.

Is the annual Membership refundable?

Because of all the work behind the scenes that our office staff and providers undertake in managing your care, the Membership fee is non-refundable. 

What kind of service can I expect with secure messaging between visits?

Secure messaging is available for simple questions and resources between visits, such as… 

  • I had my thyroid labs drawn, can you review them between visits and let me know if I need to adjust my prescription medication dose? 
  • I’m pregnant! Anything I should do differently with my treatment plan?
  • I have a viral infection, is there anything I can do to support my immune system?
  • I’m not feeling well, can you order additional labs before my next visit?
  • I went to urgent care and they recommended antibiotics, how can I support my gut health while I take them?
  • My recent labs show a Vitamin D level of 35, should I increase my dose?
  • What’s your favorite water filter/ air purifier/ toothpaste etc?
  • Does xyz contain gluten/dairy, and do you have any alternate recommendations?
  • Is xyz compliant with my recommended nutrition plan?

In the past we would have recommended a visit to review any labs. Going forward, our providers can review basic lab results and make simple recommendations between visits, at your request. Basically if it’s something simple we can do it between visits.

For more complex questions, full review of labs including any complex functional medicine labs, we will recommend a visit with a provider.

If I wait to enroll can I come back?

Yes and no. In order to provide this type of service we need to cap our Membership at a certain number of patients.  Please know that future availability is not guaranteed and that our Programs do change from time-to-time, so the terms and fees may look different the next time around.

Does my insurance cover the annual Membership fee?

No. The annual fee for a membership pays for services not typically covered by your insurance and is not reimbursable by insurance.  You can use an HSA/FSA card.

Do I still need to book my appointments in advance?

Yes. Our provider’s services are in high demand and the schedule is typically booked out 2-3 months.

Once enrolled, what is the best way to book appointments?

To request future appointments, please click on “Request Appointment” on the right side in the patient portal.

There is a video OR phone option for all appointments.

Most established patients book 15-30 minute appointments as-needed.

If you do not see an appointment available that would work well with your schedule within the timeframe needed, simply send us a message in the patient portal and we will add you to our waitlist and reach out as we have cancellations.

Please note that more information about the appointment rates, the cancellation policy, etc. can be found in your Membership Agreement.