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I’m uniquely trained in the Functional Medicine model to identify and treat the root causes of chronic disease. My approach to patient care is individualized and personalized, with an emphasis on the ways our environment, food and lifestyle choices interact with our genes. I utilize advanced lab testing to search for a root cause, and seek the most gentle way to treat the underlying causes of disease.

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Looking for high quality shakes and supplements? It’s critical to use pharmaceutical grade supplements from reputable companies that utilize third-party verification. These are the products that I use myself and recommend to patients. You’ll have access to my favorite brands and see my specific recommendations – everything from basic daily support to hormone and gut health.



To all the new mamas experiencing hair loss; incredible, enduring fatigue; debilitating brain fog - I want to just tell every one of you that IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT! I was about 10 months postpartum when my "IBS" was bad enough that I decided I needed to start trying to find help again. I had seen GIs off and on for about 10 years... Dr. Maren gives me hope for the future of medicine and breathes life into this poor, crippled industry! You will leave feeling listened to and heard, and most of all, hopeful! My brain fog dissipated almost immediately and I could care for my kiddos in ways I hadn't been able to - looking forward even to spending days with them, rather than dreading them because I had. no. energy. She has made such a profound impact on my and my family's life. Please seek her out! She is queen.— Allie B.
Dr. Christine Maren is an answered prayer and simply heaven-sent. She has such a passion for what she does and you feel like a family member when working with her. She led me across the finish line to health from a long and painful battle with Crohns disease. She is full to the brim with knowledge, but she explained things in a way that I would understand them (unlike any other doctors I had seen). After coming to her with the ultimate goal of getting my body healthy and strong enough to start our family, she said to me on our last appointment after reviewing my levels, “Your soil is ready for your seed”. It tears me up just thinking about that heartfelt phrase. I credit this healthy Mama and even healthier child largely to her.— Jessica S.
I am 8 days in and am feeling better than I've felt in years. The regimen of supplements you have me on has me sleeping more soundly, without wine, and managing my days with a significantly less foggy mind... I have been chalking my fog up to having a 2 and 3 year old and just assuming I had Mommy brain. I was literally hacking and coughing from May through August this year and your suggestions for supplements and lifestyle changes have all but cured my nagging inflammation in my chest and sinuses. Your picture of my total being helped find the answers when my conventional doctors welcomed my co-pay 5 times, sent me to unnecessary radiation and specialists and through 4 separate inadequate medications... I will sing your praises for eternity and encourage everyone I know to take control of their health to be the best version of themselves possible.— Holly H.
Dr. Maren is one of the most compassionate and brilliant physicians I've encountered. She is thorough and committed to helping her patients get their lives back and certainly "walks the walk" in her health. She understands the struggle of complex health problems, because she's lived through them herself and healed. If you're on the fence to see Dr. Maren, do it, it's the best decision you can make for your health!— McCall M.
After countless doctors and misdiagnosis', Christine Maren not only got to the root cause of my health issues, but also treated me with such kindness and respect. She listens well and asks a lot of questions so she can really get to know you, and your health story. I believe that this is of the utmost importance when piecing together health mysteries. When labs came in she discussed them with me thoroughly and took the time to make sure that I understood what they meant. She developed plans of action for my treatment and was always looking outside of the box for tests, and care she could give pertaining to my health. She genuinely cared how my treatment went. I highly recommend her!— Michelle W.
No words could ever truly convey how wonderful Dr. Maren is and the type of care she provides to patients and families. She makes it her personal commitment to help each patient individually. I am so grateful for her expertise, knowledge and experience. She is detail oriented but also looks at the big picture and connects the dots in one's health history. She is so kind and caring and is always willing to go the extra mile to help her patients. There is no other provider I would rather partner with me, my friends or my family to optimize health and get to the root cause of chronic conditions. Her compassion accompanied by her knowledge, experience and expertise are incomparable.— Taylor H.

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