“To all the new mamas experiencing hair loss; incredible, enduring fatigue; debilitating brain fog – I want to just tell every one of you that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT! I was about 10 months postpartum when my “IBS” was bad enough that I decided I needed to start trying to find help again. I had seen GIs off and on for about 10 years… Dr. Maren gives me hope for the future of medicine and breathes life into this poor, crippled industry! You will leave feeling listened to and heard, and most of all, hopeful! My brain fog dissipated almost immediately and I could care for my kiddos in ways I hadn’t been able to – looking forward even to spending days with them, rather than dreading them because I had. no. energy. She has made such a profound impact on my and my family’s life. Please seek her out! She is queen.” – Allie B.


“You, my dear practitioner, have been such an amazing blessing in my life. Your warmth and wealth of knowledge is truly unmatched from anyone else I have ever entrusted my health with. It’s so clear how much you care about your patients and the information and guidance I received from you was key to my healing. I’m so grateful to have worked with you to then allow me to conceive and carry our sweet baby girl in a healthy and strong way!” – Jessica S.


“Dr. Maren, thanks for being my doctor for these past months… You have been the best doctor that I have found since I have been looking for someone who understands thyroid issues.” – Jan P.


“I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have helped {my sister] achieve since her Sjogrens diagnosis. Although she has challenges she faces every day, you have enabled her to have a quality of life that a lot of people with Sjogrens do not have. I feel very blessed that [my sister] found you!! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I know wherever you are you will always do amazing things.” – Christine T.


“After years of being seen by dozens of doctors, Dr. Maren was highly recommended as a place that I might find help. Living out of state meant it was a big step, but one I am glad I took! Dr. Maren has been a real champion for my health and has put together puzzle pieces that no one else has been able to! She has shown true compassion and sympathy. I really feel confident that Dr. Maren has me on the right path to health and won’t stop digging for answers until I am completely well! I am so thankful for Dr. Maren for all that she has done for me on this journey!” – Heather M.


“Dr. Maren introduced our family to the world of functional medicine, and we are forever grateful to her for that. She is smart, intuitive and empathetic.  She helped us understand and interpret complicated labs, provided recommendations for supplements and a healthy lifestyle. We have since consulted with Dr Maren on numerous issues, and she always provides very helpful advice and experience-backed expertise. Our whole family is on the path to wellness after discovering numerous food allergies and autoimmune disease causes. Dr Maren is great doctor, who challenges the rhetoric of traditional, conventional medicine.  She looked for root causes and cares about our journey to recovery. We are so thankful to have found her.” – Tiffani S.


“Dr. Christine Maren has been absolutely wonderful to work with. I had been looking for a doctor to help optimize my health and she got me on the right path. My energy levels are better, my skin is clearer and I have an overall better understanding of what I need to do to take care of myself. For anyone who would rather not solve their health issues with prescription drugs, I highly encourage you to contact Dr. Maren.” – Heather P.


“I have nothing but amazing things to say about Dr. Christine Maren!  I suffered from major post-operative anxiety after a routine hernia surgery. It turned into a full blown panic disorder, IBS, brain fog…etc. and with Dr. Maren’s help, I finally have my life back. With recommendations for supplements, acupuncture, dietary changes…etc., I have finally normalized my system. She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting down to the root of the problem!” – Britt P.


“I want to share with you my amazing discovery after the treatment from Doctor Maren… I am for the first time feeling relieved from my stomach pain. Doctor Maren is forever in my heart. The brutality of the stomach pain and the aftershocks were marking me feel so so unhappy but now I believe Doctor Maren ‘tamed my horse.’ I know I am in a good place safe place with all of you. Thank you very much.” – Alexandra S.


“I flew in from Pennsylvania to meet with Dr. Maren, who spent time getting to know me—I finally felt like I was being heard! I am still on my journey to better health and am so grateful for the time and consideration of Dr. Maren.” – Kelsey S.

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