“To all the new mamas experiencing hair loss; incredible, enduring fatigue; debilitating brain fog – I want to just tell every one of you that IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE LIKE THAT! I was about 10 months postpartum when my “IBS” was bad enough that I decided I needed to start trying to find help again. I had seen GIs off and on for about 10 years… Dr. Maren gives me hope for the future of medicine and breathes life into this poor, crippled industry! You will leave feeling listened to and heard, and most of all, hopeful! My brain fog dissipated almost immediately and I could care for my kiddos in ways I hadn’t been able to – looking forward even to spending days with them, rather than dreading them because I had. no. energy. She has made such a profound impact on my and my family’s life. Please seek her out! She is queen.” – Allie B.

“Dr. Christine Maren is an answered prayer and simply heaven-sent. She has such a passion for what she does and you feel like a family member when working with her. She led me across the finish line to health from a long and painful battle with Crohns disease. She is full to the brim with knowledge, but she explained things in a way that I would understand them (unlike any other doctors I had seen). After coming to her with the ultimate goal of getting my body healthy and strong enough to start our family, she said to me on our last appointment after reviewing my levels, “Your soil is ready for your seed”. It tears me up just thinking about that heartfelt phrase. I credit this healthy Mama and even healthier child largely to her.” – Jessica S.

Dr. Maren was one of the few people in my life, and the ONLY doctor, out of roughly 7 doctors, to believe in my symptoms right from the start. When I woke up from a surgery 4.5 years ago my body went haywire. I spent a year trying to recover and eventually started feeling relatively better. Fast forward 3 years, an MRI with contrast, a TDAP vaccination, and another surgery (all within 2 months), and “haywire” doesn’t begin to describe what happened to my body at that point – and I didn’t just get better, I just started going downhill fast. This is when I found Dr. Maren. After every conventional medicine doctor dismissed my symptoms, and eventually I landed in the office of a psychiatrist, Dr. Maren entered my life. She dove into my case like an investigator would and never once believe my symptoms were just “in my head”. She helped me to uncover and treat numerous underlying issues. From the start, she encouraged me to test for what would eventually lead to my “answer” but I chose to put off that very final test until about nine months into my treatment with her. This is my only regret because my final diagnosis of chronic Lyme Disease explained EVERYTHING, including WHY I had developed all of my underlying issues in the first place. Fortunately, she had already implemented such a helpful protocol that I was treating my lyme disease without even knowing it. I have definitely alleviated many of my symptoms, even thought I still have a ways to go. Dr. Maren literally saved my life, maybe not in the physical sense because nothing I had going on was an immediate life threat, but my mental state when I found her surely would have put me over the edge eventually. She is patient, kind, relentless and brilliant. I owe her so much and cannot recommend her enough if you are looking for an incredible functional medicine doctor.” – Britt P.

“After countless doctors and misdiagnosis’, Christine Maren not only got to the root cause of my health issues, but also treated me with such kindness and respect. She listens well and asks a lot of questions so she can really get to know you, and your health story. I believe that this is of the utmost importance when piecing together health mysteries.  When labs came in she discussed them with me thoroughly and took the time to make sure that I understood what they meant. She developed plans of action for my treatment and was always looking outside of the box for tests, and care she could give pertaining to my health. She genuinely cared how my treatment went. I highly recommend her!” – Michelle W.

“I don’t even think I realized how bad I felt until I finally took you up on your offer to help me. I am 8 days in and am feeling better than I’ve felt in years. The regimen of supplements you have me on has me sleeping more soundly, without wine, and managing my days with a significantly less foggy mind. I don’t think I realized how much vitamin B would affect me. I have been chalking my fog up to having a 2 and 3 year old and just assuming I had Mommy brain. I was literally hacking and coughing from May through August this year and your suggestions for supplements and lifestyle changes have all but cured my nagging inflammation in my chest and sinuses. Your picture of my total being helped find the answers when my conventional doctors welcomed my co-pay 5 times, sent me to unnecessary radiation and specialists and through 4 separate inadequate medications. I know I’m not the sickest of your patients but I fear I may have become sicker if I hadn’t heeded your advice. This is your calling and I cannot wait to see the lives you are able to change. I will sing your praises for eternity and encourage everyone I know to take control of their health to be the best version of themselves possible.” – Holly H.

“Dr. Maren is one of the most compassionate and brilliant physicians I’ve encountered. She is thorough and committed to helping her patients get their lives back and certainly “walks the walk” in her health. She understands the struggle of complex health problems, because she’s lived through them herself and healed. If you’re on the fence to see Dr. Maren, do it, it’s the best decision you can make for your health!” – McCall M.

“No words could every truly convey how wonderful Dr. Maren is and the type of care she provides to patients and families. She makes it her personal commitment to help each patient individually. I am so grateful for her expertise, knowledge and experience. She is detail oriented but also looks at the big picture and connects the dots in one’s health history. She is so kind and caring and is always willing to go the extra mile to help her patients. There is no other provider I would rather partner with me, my friends or my family to optimize health and get to the root cause of chronic conditions. Her compassion accompanied by her knowledge, experience and expertise are incomparable.” – Taylor H.

“Colorado, we are so lucky to have Dr. Christine Maren in our state. I met Dr. Maren several years ago at a functional medicine conference and knew she was a brilliant physician the moment we connected. She is a great listener, thinks outside of the box, is always learning and cares deeply about every patient she interacts with. I refer all of my clients needing a physician to oversee their case to Dr. Maren. I know they will get the best care that addresses the root cause of their problems AND solutions. If you want a great functional medicine doctor to experience a breakthrough in your health, Dr. Maren is your doctor!” – Sarah M.

“Dr Maren has knowledge and experience to thoroughly sort out symptoms that others can’t figure out. She’s also friendly and approachable, and so easy to work with. She can help find amd address the cause of what’s truly going on in the body. With support and compassion, she can guide you back to health. There are all kinds of people practicing functional medicine out there, and Dr Maren is the one I trust with full confidence.” – Sarah C.

“After years of being seen by dozens of doctors, Dr. Maren was highly recommended as a place that I might find help. Living out of state meant it was a big step, but one I am glad I took! Dr. Maren has been a real champion for my health and has put together puzzle pieces that no one else has been able to! She has shown true compassion and sympathy. I really feel confident that Dr. Maren has me on the right path to health and won’t stop digging for answers until I am completely well! I am so thankful for Dr. Maren for all that she has done for me on this journey!” – Heather M.

“I have known Christine (Dr. Maren) for four years. She is one of those doctors that I ask questions of because I trust her fund of knowledge so much. I am a functional medicine physician as well and I love collaborating with her on the most complex patients. Dr. Maren has had great experience by working with Amy Myers MD, one of the most respected functional medicine physicians in the country. Not only is Dr. Maren brilliant, but she is kind and compassionate and “she walks the talk”. That makes her a rare find. You will not be disappointed. – Karl H.

“Dr. Maren is in a league of her own. She is an incredible provider with a passion and dedication to her patients and practice. She has blessed our family immensely and if you or anyone you know is struggling with chronic conditions or illness that you don’t have the answers to, look no further, she is the best person to partner with you on your health journey. She is compassionate and thorough. She is dedicated to optimizing all of her patients health. One of my favorite things about Dr. Maren is that she takes on patients that are at their wits end when it comes their health. She looks beyond symptoms and addresses the root cause of medical problems. Many patients that see her have already seen dietitians, health coaches and even functional medicine providers with little to no improvement. This is well worth the investment into your health, I can guarantee you that!” – Ryan D.

“Dr. Maren is an incredible wealth of knowledge. After a long period of inexplicably feeling terrible, I visited her to see if she could help me. She spent a great deal of time asking questions I would have never thought of. Dr.Maren is a Doctor who actually gets to know you individually. There is no one size fits all when it comes to diagnosing and I love that she is so personable. The tests she recommended helped to figure out what was going on in my body. She took it a step further and recommended a specific treatment plan just for me including supplements and nutrition. Having a holistic plan was the most important piece to me and I truly valued all of her resources she provided in helping me heal. I feel so blessed to have found such an empowered and inspiring woman that rocks being a Dr!” – Shaina A.

“Dr. Maren is my go-to provider for everything Holistic and natural regarding my health, my family’s health and the health of my own patients. I’m a Physician as well and have been blown away by Dr. Maren’s wealth of knowledge in functional medicine, compassionate care and personal commitment to living as clean as possible. Highly, highly recommend her!!” – Annika G.

“Dr. Maren introduced our family to the world of functional medicine, and we are forever grateful to her for that. She is smart, intuitive and empathetic.  She helped us understand and interpret complicated labs, provided recommendations for supplements and a healthy lifestyle. We have since consulted with Dr Maren on numerous issues, and she always provides very helpful advice and experience-backed expertise. Our whole family is on the path to wellness after discovering numerous food allergies and autoimmune disease causes. Dr Maren is great doctor, who challenges the rhetoric of traditional, conventional medicine.  She looked for root causes and cares about our journey to recovery. We are so thankful to have found her.” – Tiffani S.

“Dr. Christine Maren has been absolutely wonderful to work with. I had been looking for a doctor to help optimize my health and she got me on the right path. My energy levels are better, my skin is clearer and I have an overall better understanding of what I need to do to take care of myself. For anyone who would rather not solve their health issues with prescription drugs, I highly encourage you to contact Dr. Maren.” – Heather P.

“Thank you for treating my thyroid, which gave me my life back. I can’t believe that I was off for so long and that became normal for me. I now look back and realize how depressed I was. I spent over a decade with Hashimoto’s, seeing different endocrinologists who ignored my concerns. I’m very grateful.” – Julie M.

“Dr. Maren is one of the best doctors of all time. Her knowledge brings hope and healing to all of the families she encounters. She gets my highest marks for a recommendation!!!” – Emily G.

“Dr. Maren, thanks for being my doctor for these past months… You have been the best doctor that I have found since I have been looking for someone who understands thyroid issues.” – Jan P.

“I will never be able to thank you enough for what you have helped {my sister] achieve since her Sjogrens diagnosis. Although she has challenges she faces every day, you have enabled her to have a quality of life that a lot of people with Sjogrens do not have. I feel very blessed that [my sister] found you!! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I know wherever you are you will always do amazing things.” – Christine T.

“I want to share with you my amazing discovery after the treatment from Doctor Maren… I am for the first time feeling relieved from my stomach pain. Doctor Maren is forever in my heart. The brutality of the stomach pain and the aftershocks were marking me feel so so unhappy but now I believe Doctor Maren ‘tamed my horse.’ I know I am in a good place safe place with all of you. Thank you very much.” – Alexandra S.


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