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We believe that food has the power to either heal us or harm us, and that a healthy diet is the foundation of good health. But there’s no one-size-fits-all in nutrition, and that’s where personalized coaching and education comes in. Let’s work together to get you on track.

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Holistic Nutrition Consultations with Jessica Doyle, CNTP, RN

Jessica Doyle is an Institute for Functional Medicine-trained Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (CNTP), Registered Nurse (RN), and certified health coach for preconception, pregnancy, and postpartum. Read more about her bio here.

New Client Nutrition Consultation (60 minutes via telemedicine, available to residents of all 50 states) includes:

  • A detailed review of your nutrition goals during a 60-minuite initial consultation
  • Access to at-home testing for food sensitivities
  • Interpretation of our favorite nutrigenomics test (which tells us how your genetics influence your nutritional needs) from Nutrition Genome
  • One-on-one coaching with nutrition recommendations specific to your needs
  • Use of food as medicine principles to understand how nutrition influences your body
  • Education on alternatives to unhealthy food choices
  • Help implementing your new sustainable lifestyle habits
  • Personalized supplement recommendations and access to discounted pharmaceutical-grade supplements
  • Access to exclusive client education material, tools, and resources
  • Convenient video or phone based telemedicine visits

Initial Holistic Nutrition Consultation: $200

Follow up Consultations: $100 per half-hour.

Note: Dr. Maren’s established patients receive a 30% discount on all nutrition services.

Additional questions? Check out our FAQs (below), and if you don’t find what you need shoot us an email.

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About Jessica Doyle, CNTP, RN

Jessica Doyle is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (CNTP) and Registered Nurse (RN). She is also a certified health coach for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum. With over 20 years working in the healthcare industry, Jessica specializes in supporting her patients through tailored nutrition with the goal of experiencing more vitality, wellness and energy.

After ten years working as a labor and delivery nurse, along with experiencing her own health issues, she realized traditional western models of medicine couldn’t provide the solutions most people needed to resolve their health issues. She realized that some patients felt dismissed and frustrated with “normal” test results despite abnormal symptoms, which persisted and often developed into more serious health concerns.

Always a learner and never satisfied with the status quo, Jessica decided to explore other avenues of healthcare and found Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine combats the idea of medicine-centered treatment and shifts the focus to the whole patient. She now helps patients heal by addressing the root cause of illness through personalized nutrition and lifestyle modifications. Read more →

Success Stories


Jessica is incredibly knowledgeable about different diets for hormones and IBS. She got me on a nutrition plan that helped immensely with my bloating and cycles. She was also really reasonable with her expectations. I'm a working mom and needed something achievable. She totally gets that, and made sure that our goals felt sustainable and achievable. — Kristie P.
I have been seeing Jessica Doyle who is amazing!!! She has stabilized my blood sugars and I've lost weight! She's amazing and I'm assuming you are just as amazing for bringing her on board! — Colleen W.
Jessica has been hugely helpful in assisting me with nutrition in preconception, and now during IVF. She obviously gets the nutrition piece, but she also used to be a L&D nurse so I feel like she really gets the preconception/pregnancy pieces as well. Anyways, thanks for doing what you do, and for helping me on this path! Excited to have you as a resource during pregnancy as well! — Lara Y.

Frequently Asked Questions

A nutrition consult helps us achieve an in-depth review of your symptoms and history to see where issues began. It's a look into your everyday lifestyle and foods to see where we can make adjustments to better meet your goals. In the end, you'll have a personalized plan to support optimal nourishment while addressing any imbalances or dysfunction. And during follow ups, we'll make sure the plan is working for you and make adjustments to be sure it’s sustainable for long term health.

This is NOT for you if you want a superficial, one-size-fits-all meal plan. We won't recommend a bunch of commercially produced meal replacements bars or powders. And there is no shaming for going off your plan. We do NOT view cravings as “low will power” but rather as a tool to better understand your body.

Jessica Doyle, CNTP, RN enjoys consulting one-on-one with patients on fertility, pregnancy, gut health, autoimmunity and metabolic conditions (PCOS, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc). She also provides nutritional education for weight loss, anti-aging, aesthetics and sports performance.

As a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Registered Nurse, Jessica helps her clients figure out their unique nutritional needs while transforming everyday food into medicine.

She utilizes a science end evidence based nutrition approach which takes into account your health goals, health history, and food preferences while using functional nutrition tools to uncover things like food sensitivities, digestive health issues, and genetic variations which directly impact nutrient levels and your current state of health.

By taking this whole-person approach, she’s able to craft a custom and practical nutrition plan that not only makes clients feel great in body and mind, but creates the ideal conditions for healing chronic disease and creating long-term health.

No extreme dieting. No arbitrary one-size-fits-all way of eating. No weird meal replacement snack or bars to buy. Just a clear path to a nourishing, fulfilling, and healing relationship with the real foods your body (truly) craves.
If you are working with Dr. Maren she will order comprehensive labs. If you are seeing our nutritionist only, she can order food sensitivity testing and refer you to nutrigenomics testing. However, other labs must be ordered through your physician. You can share those labs with Jessica so that she can use them to help guide your nutrition plan.

Yes! If you would like to share recent labs with us, please upload them to your online chart under the 'Labs & Documents' tab of the portal. Click on the pink button "UPLOAD NEW DOCUMENT." Please upload relevant labs as a single report vs one page at a time. If you are doing this from home, you can utilize an app like TurboScan to create a multiple page PDF and upload that directly from your computer. You may also fax them to (303) 351-1100. Please do not mail hard copies to the office.

If you are interested in a more customized plan for supplements, testing and nutrition, we highly recommend the Nutrition Genome DNA Kit. This report looks at nutrigenomics, which is the study of how foods affect our genes, and how genetic differences affect the way we respond to food. You can order this test yourself here and review results in detail with our nutritionist during a nutrition consult. Be aware that results often take 5-6 weeks.

Yes! For almost everyone, supplements are an important aspect of the treatment plan. We will work together to develop a clear and specific supplement plan based on your unique needs - with consideration given to digestion/absorption, nutrigenomics, micronutrient deficiencies, etc.

Which means: we'll tell you exactly which vitamins or supplements you need (or don't need).

You'll have discounted access to prescription quality supplements through FullScript, Xymogen and others. We only recommend personally vetted companies with the highest quality standards and 3rd party testing.

Jessica Doyle sees clients worldwide. All of our visits are scheduled virtually via telehealth. Our office is very familiar with virtual consultations and we've been working with patients remotely for over 4 years (way before telehealth became a thing with Covid-19).

Our practice was built to facilitate virtual consultations, and connecting with patients remotely is easy. There’s no need for fancy software on your end, as long as you're comfortable with using the internet and communicating online.

Once your appointment is confirmed, you'll receive a link via email. You'll also be able to access this link in your secure patient portal. Shortly before the visit start time, please join your appointment by clicking the link (make sure your audio and video are enabled).

Initial consultations are done via secure video, and follow ups can be by phone or secure video.

If you’re scheduling with Jessica, you can register as a patient and request a visit online.

  • Read and sign the Policies & Consents within the patient portal under the Questionnaires tab.
  • Log on to the patient portal here.
  • Follow the Request Appointment icon on the right side of your screen & use the drop down menu to request an appointment date and time.
  • You will be asked to enter payment information in order to request an appointment, and new patients will be charged a deposit once your appointment is confirmed.
  • We will check our schedule and confirm your appointment by email (watch for an email from do-not-reply@md-hq.com).
  • Fill out the Nutrition Questionnaires or Follow Up Questionnaires as soon as possible.
  • The initial holistic nutrition consultation with Jessica Doyle, CNTP RN is $200. Follow up visits with Jessica are generally 30 min and charged based on time at $100 per half-hour. Established patients of Dr. Maren get a 30% discount on all nutrition visits. These fees do not include lab work or supplements.
    Functional Medicine and nutrition consultations may or may not be covered by your insurance plan. We encourage you to call the customer care number on your insurance card to find out if your plan covers an “out of network” doctor and/or nutritionist. We do not bill insurance directly but will give you an itemized receipt for services, which you may submit for reimbursement.

    You may also use pre-tax dollars from a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for your consultations and lab fees. Dr. Maren is not a participating provider in Medicaid or Medicare. You can read more about why we do not bill insurance directly here.
    Please be courteous and provide at least 48 business hours (2 business days) notice for all cancelled or rescheduled appointments. This helps ensure that we can run an efficient and effective practice, and meet the needs of other patients who are waiting to get an appointment.

    There is a fee associated with no shows, cancellations or rescheduled appointments made within 48 business hours of your original appointment time.

    The new patient deposit is non-refundable and will be forfeited if you cancel. Should you need to reschedule, this deposit can be applied to a future visit if you reschedule at least 48 business hours prior to your original appointment time.

    You may reschedule your appointment through the patient portal up to 72 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment. For cancellations, please send a portal message or email us at admin@drchristinemaren.com.
    Yes, Jessica consults regularly with both men and women. She sees adolescents over 16 years old, and works on a limited basis with children if they are patients of Dr Maren.

    Please reach out to us if you have additional questions or wish to communicate with someone prior to scheduling.

    Email is the best and most efficient way to contact us. You can reach us directly at admin@drchristinemaren.com.

    If you wish to call, our phone number is (303) 704-4487. If we are unable to pick up your phone call, please leave a message and our office staff will do our best to respond within 1-2 business days.

    If you are a current patient, please communicate through the secure patient portal. Any urgent or emergent needs should be addressed by going to urgent care or calling 911 in the case of a true emergency. Please note: the office is not open on nights, weekends or holidays.

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