About Dr. Christine Maren

Hi! I’m Dr. Christine Maren, a functional medicine physician (and patient!). I’m board-certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFMCP). I was born and raised in Colorado by parents who promoted an active lifestyle and good nutrition, and this inspired an interest in holistic medicine at an early age. I moved to Texas after marrying my husband, who was an active duty orthopedic surgeon for the US Army. We both completed our residency training in San Antonio, Texas before moving north of Austin for his commitment at Fort Hood. During that time, I struggled with own personal health issues and was introduced to functional medicine. Inspired by Dr. Amy Myers’ leadership in the functional medicine community, I joined her practice at Austin UltraHealth in Austin, Texas. In 2017, I opened my own independent practice, and we eventually returned to Colorado to be closer to family. I maintain my full medical license and practice in Texas so that I can continue to care for my current patients and accept new ones. Read more →


Functional Medicine Services

I offer in-depth Functional Medicine Consultations, including advance functional medicine testing and nutrigenomics. I also (very personally) know the value of optimal thyroid function, and offer patients an option for more abbreviated thyroid specific care. Read more →


Contact Us

Please contact my office with additional questions or to book an appointment, and my staff will be happy to reply. If you are a current patient, please communicate sensitive medical information through the secure patient portal. Any urgent or emergent needs should be addressed by going to urgent care or calling 911 in the case of a true emergency.



Our Texas Office

Phone (303) 704-4487
Fax (303) 351-1100
Email admin@drchristinemaren.com


Telemedicine Consultations

I am thrilled to offer new patients in Texas the option to establish care virtually via telehealth. I have a high-tech practice with the capability of connecting to patients remotely (and there’s no need for fancy software on your end). Labs orders, lab results, supplement recommendations, actionable plans and handouts will all be readily available from your online patient portal.

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