What to do with Kids in San Antonio

Being a Mom in San Antonio

I became a mom in San Antonio, and I learned that I’m not the kind of mom who can stay at home all day. San Antonio became a great place for me as a mother because there is so much to do with kids, all within a 10 mile radius of our old neighborhood – just north of downtown near Alamo Heights.

Here’s my top 10 list of things to do with your little one in San Antonio

  1. Botanical Gardens – watch the calendar for special kids events and exhibits, like concerts and family flash light night. It’s a gorgeous place to visit often.
  2. Zoo Train – what kid doesn’t love the zoo train? It’s easy and will take less than an hour of your day. So plan it as a reward, a place to meet up before the park, or to start off your day at the zoo.
  3. Witte Museum – free admission on Tuesday nights from 3-8p. Even at 2 years old, my daughter had fun there and looked forward to our weekly trip.
  4. The (NEW!) Children’s Museum – the DoSeum. The best thing about it? The new location that makes it so much easier to access and park.
  5. Landa Park & Library – we enjoyed story time on Tuesday mornings, followed by the outdoor playscape. The park provides a nice shaded place to play, and the gorgeous live oak trees make for a good picnic spot.
  6. The Twig Book Store at the Pearl – story time on Friday mornings at 10:30am with Miss Anastasia are the best — she is so animated and hilarious, that you might enjoy it yourself.  Afterwards, the Pearl has a great coffee shop (Local) and a lot of nice space to play and walk around.
  7. Feed the Peacocks at The Fort Sam Quadrangle – you’ll need to have a friend with a military ID for this one (not hard to find in San Antonio), along with your license and current registration etc. Because you’re not getting onto a military post without all of that! You also need to deal with gate closures, because the Wilson gate off Broadway that offers the most convenient access is closed on the weekends. But despite all of that, it’s totally worth it. Go in the morning to take advantage of cooler weather, and bring some breakfast tacos for the humans. The animals will enjoy carrots, celery, cabbage, lettuce and apples. (Note: enter the Wilson gate via Broadway to Cunningham. Stay left on Cunningham and go straight to the gate. Once past the gate, continue straight and take a right on Liscom. Go to the parking lot at the end of the street and walk toward the enclosed area with the big clock tower. The Wilson gate is open Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 10 PM. On the weekends, the park doesn’t open until noon and you’ll need to use the main gates.)
  8. Walk the Museum Reach of the River Walk – this was my favorite place to go postpartum with my baby in a stroller for a nice long walk along the river. Park at Pearl, grab a green juice or coffee, and follow the path south toward downtown. If you’re in the tourist-y area… turn around. The museum reach is so much prettier. And you can actually get some exercise.
  9. Japanese Tea Garden – this one comes with a major caveat. Don’t bring a stroller or a wandering toddler. Go with a baby carrier. There are cliffs, steep stairs and cobblestones. But it’s gorgeous (and free!) and makes a great place to meet another mama with a baby to walk around and drink some good iced tea.
  10. Morgan’s Wonderland – a huge play area created for all abilities. It’s a low key amusement park for moms like me who can’t deal with Sea World. Parking is easy. It’s low commitment. There’s never a line to get on the carousel. My only complaint is that they only sell amusement park food, so bring your own healthy snacks and drinks!

What’s your favorite place to hang with kids in San Antonio?


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