As of 2017, I am no longer seeing patients at Austin UltraHealth, the office of Dr. Amy Myers. I am now practicing independently and scheduling patients here.
"Functional Medicine is a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease." You can learn more here or read my blog post Why I Love Functional Medicine.
I order comprehensive lab studies through "conventional labs" like Quest, LabCorp and/ or CPL. You can print off the lab order from your patient portal and bring it directly to the lab of your choice. These labs can bill your insurance directly - however, this should be done at your discretion, and I encourage you to call the customer care number on your insurance card to make sure you are using an in-network lab. We have negotiated cash pay rates through Quest that are very reasonable for patients who are not billing through insurance.
And I also order specialized functional laboratory testing through Genova, Doctor's Data, Great Plains others. Some of these tests are billable through insurance and others are cash pay. Testing is something we will discuss in detail and decide together at your visit. Most patients invest an average of $500-$1500 in advanced lab testing.
Functional Medicine consultation services may or may not be covered by your insurance plan. I encourage you to call the customer care number on your insurance card to find out if your plan covers an “out of network” doctor. I do not bill your insurance directly but will give you a receipt for services, which you may submit for reimbursement. I am not a participating provider in Medicaid or Medicare. You can read more about why we do not bill insurance directly here. You may also use pre-tax dollars from a Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for your consultations and lab fees.
Please be courteous and provide at least 48 business hours notice for all cancelled or rescheduled appointments. This helps ensure that I can run an efficient and effective practice, and meet the needs of other patients who are waiting to get an appointment. You will be asked to put a credit card on hold when you book an appointment. Cancellations prior to 48 business hours will not be charged. Cancellations after 48 business hours will be charged 50% of the visit fee, which can be applied to a future visit should you need to reschedule. Less than 24 hours notice and no shows will be charged the full visit amount.
I make every attempt to stay on schedule. If you arrive late to your patient visit, your appointment will end at the scheduled time and you will be charged for the length of the originally scheduled visit.
I would like to provide you with prescription refills as quickly as possible. In order to comply with rules of the Texas Medical Board, you must be a registered patient in my practice in order for me to do this (even if I have seen you at Austin UltraHealth).
Please call your pharmacy first for refills rather than contacting my office. This helps the pharmacy to identify your prescription number, and helps me to clarify dosages and decrease the chances for medical errors.
If you have not been seen for over six months, you may need to schedule an appointment prior to getting your refill.
Established patients will experience a seamless transition during this relocation and will be seen via phone or secure video. We are now scheduling in-person appointments for new patients who want to bee seen in metro Detroit. Additionally, new patients in Texas, Michigan (and soon, Colorado) have the option to establish care remotely. That means patients who are unable to travel (or simply don't want to) can establish care virtually over secure video.
Although I am board-certified in family medicine, I am specializing in functional medicine and my practice structure does not allow me to be available for the level of acuity necessary for a primary care practice. I aim to serve as your functional medicine consultant, and require that you maintain your primary care doctor for routine screening exams such as pap smears, colonoscopies, prostate exams, etc. and for emergency situations requiring immediate care or hospitalization. I am happy to work collaboratively with your PCP and/or specialists and ask that you continue that relationship.
Although I am formally trained as a primary care doctor, I specialize in functional medicine. I highly value the time I get to spend with patients and approach things through a different lens. One of my most valuable tools are comprehensive functional medicine labs that you would not see in a primary care practice. I also run a large battery of conventional labs that I interpret differently (optimal vs abnormal).
Patients usually find me because conventional management hasn't addressed their complex issue or provided enough time with their doctor. In general, conventional doctors are more geared toward end stage problems whereas I am interested in the more subtle findings, optimal health, prevention and early diagnosis. Often, my patients express that their issues were not able to be addressed in a 15 minute visit or they are seeking alternatives to prescription medications.
Conventional doctors play an important role, especially when it comes to routine screening, advanced work up, acute needs emergencies. It really is a team approach and I ask that patients continue a relationship with their primary care doctor and specialists.
Please see the contact page. You can also subscribe to my newsletter for the latest news and updates. Please communicate medical questions through the patient portal and have your pharmacy send refill requests. Any urgent or emergent needs should be addressed by going to urgent care or calling 911 in the case of a true emergency.
Services & fees can be found here.Please scroll to the bottom of the page for fees.
Please upload or fax recent labs to your online chart prior to your visit. It is also important to know all medications and supplements that you are taking. If you are being seen in-person, please bring these with you. If you are being seen virtually, please have them handy during your visit so that we can evaluate them accurately and thoroughly. Feel free to bring a friend or loved one if you think this will serve you.

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